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Description of the Communicator software application.

Stock Analyzer


Description of the Stock Analyzer Application.

Java Demo


Description of the Java Demo of Image compression applet.

The Stock Analyzer
(by Shamsul Syed Hasan,
The Stock Analyzer is a standalone Java application that provides continuously updated quotes and charts taken from some web servers. Only 20 minutes delayed quotes from the US markets are provided at this time.


The basic purpose of this program is to keep one's favorite stocks neatly organized inside distinct portfolios and improve one's short-term trading decisions as well as long term trading decisions by giving a better view of market data.

A thread updates the currently displayed portfolio. Upon switching between portfolios updating stops in hidden portfolios and starts in the current one. The refresh rate is chosen by the user. Between sessions portfolios and display settings are remembered.

This software  involves all parts of the Java API (except java.awt.image which is covered by another image compression applet demo Image Compresso ). It is a typical representation of what cross-platform client-server computing can be. Implementing this kind of application as a Network interface to query big enterprise databases would be quite easy since Java drivers exist for most database brands.
The Stock Analyzer should be at ease on all Java supported systems (being a java application), that is: Unix, Windows, Macs, OS/2 and Network Computers equipped with a Java Virtual Machine.

Check out a screenshot of the Stock Analyzer running underWindows 95.

A shot of the main graphical user interface.

A shot of a chart for analyzing the stock movements.

A shot of the Communicator application which is also added to the Stock Analyzer application.

The Communicator consists of sophisticated features using which a user can "image dial",  that is just by clicking on a single thumbnail image a number can be dialed, an email or a fax can be sent.

Stock Analyzer Features

1.  Friendly, familiar interface with pull-down menus, windows and action buttons.

2.  Get instant quotes and stats. No more "type-ticker and press Submit".
3.  View high quality, graphical charts. Use Buy and Sell indicators to help in trading decisions. Select charts just by clicking on the small chart on the main screen.
Note:quotes are delayed by about 15 minutes.

4. Build personalized lists of securities, called Ticker Lists, to see all your own securities as soon as you start this application. Go to "Add Tickers" in the main menu to add as many tickers you want.

5. Make your own different portfolios and do power searches through all public companies to locate winning stocks.  

6. Get the day's news or the full news i.e even the previous days news for any company.

7.Additional features to come: Portfolio Management, Transaction History, wireless paging and e-mail alerts, company reports, options, commodities, brokerage services, and more.  

Applet Demo:
An applet version of the Stock Analyzer will be  presented here soon, you can run it in any recent Java-enabled browser (such as Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft IE 3.0) without installing Java.
Free Downloads:
Let me know if it serves you any purpose in its present state, what kind of features you would like included in future releases and of course all the bugs you find. I welcome criticism and suggested improvements from users.
Java experts and other developers are most welcome to come up with any suggestion or criticism.

The most recent version Stock Analyzer 1.0 will be available for free download.
Because of security restrictions imposed to applets running in browsers, it is more convenient to run the Stock Analyzer as a standalone application. For that you need a Java Virtual Machine. The easiest way is to get the Sun Java Developer's Kit.

For Windows 95 boxes, some Unix platforms and PowerPC Macs go to
This application is free for non-commercial use.

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