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Some of my projects are listed here. For detailed description please visit the respective links. Some of them will be available for download soon.


Java's the most exciting technology of our time.

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Computer Manufacturing Database (Using Oracle): Created a relational database using Oracle for 6 different entities related to Computer Manufacturing Industry using 20 relationships.

Stock Tracing Application (Using Java): This application will graph stock prices in real-time. It allows the user to set the ceiling and the floor of a stock and be notified if either one of them is reached. For testing purpose, the stock prices are simulated.
Stock Analyzer Application (Using Java): This application provides continuously updated quotes and charts taken from some web pages.The basic purpose of this program is to keep one's favorite stocks neatly organized inside distinct portfolios and improve one's short-term trading decisions as well as long term trading decisions by giving a better view of market data.

Communicator Application (Using Java): The Communicator is a standalone Java application that provides facilities for phone, email, fax communication. The Communicator consists of  features using which a user can "image dial",  that is just by clicking on a single thumbnail image, a number can be dialed, an email or a fax can be sent. 

Real Time System for snake controller (Using Real Time Workshop): Simulated a Real Time System for a snake's movement and generated a C code using Real Time Workshop.

.Expert System for Computer Architecture Design (Using C++): Implemented concepts of Forward Chaining, Backward Chaining and Mixed Chaining and developed an Expert System to suggest a particular architecture for a given fact base.
Image Compression Software using wavelets (Using C++): This software facilitates compression of images. The GUI was built using Visual C++ and the demonstration software ImageCompresso was developed using Java.

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