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Peace be unto you.

I have recently joined GTE Corporation as a Systems Engineer.

 This home page contains some articles written by me. Naturally, they are limited to what knowledge I have gained over my life time. I welcome any suggestions and criticism from anyone who excel in the various subjects related to the articles. Please email me with your suggestions. 


-Reason and sound logic are the root of my existence.Knowledge is my weapon. Enthusiasm is the vehicle of my life..

This page is under construction. So you may not find some pages shown in the main menu. Visit again, as soon as they are complete, they will be put on my web site.  I hope this web site will serve as some form of exchange of knowledge if our interests match. So please do send me some suggestions about my website, softwares etc., your feedback is extremely valuable and will be appreciated. Thanks again for visiting my site. For more information about me, visit “about me” page.

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