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Description of the Communicator software application.

Stock Analyzer


Description of the Stock Analyzer Application.

Java Demo


Description of the Java Demo of Image compression applet.

The Communicator
(by Shamsul Syed Hasan,

The Communicator is a standalone Java application that provides facilities for phone, fax and email communication.


The Communicator consists of  features using which a user can "image dial", ( see the  figure above) that is just by clicking on a single thumbnail image a number can be dialed, an email or a fax can be sent. It includes two dialing functions one is the image dialing and the other is the normal number dialing for phone/fax communication (see the figure below).

Using the image dialing function one can just click on any person's image to dial the person's number to fax or phone him, if one selects the email option just by single click on a person's image one can send email to that person . One can also store information about the person by a single click on the image.


The thumbnail images and the information of individuals can be stored at a URL site or the local storage.The Communicator should be at ease on all Java supported systems (being a java application), that is: Unix, Windows, Macs, OS/2 and Network Computers equipped with a Java Virtual Machine.

Check out a screenshot of the Communicator running underWindows 95.

The Communicator application is added to the Stock Analyzer application.
Free Downloads:
Let me know if it serves you any purpose in its present state, what kind of features you would like included in future releases and of course all the bugs you find. I welcome criticism and suggested improvements from users.

Java experts and other developers are most welcome to come up with any suggestion or criticism.

The most recent version Communicator 1.0 will be available for free download.
For installation you need a Java Virtual Machine. The easiest way is to get the Sun Java Developer's Kit. For Windows 95 boxes, some Unix platforms and PowerPC Macs go to           
This application is free for non-commercial use.

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